Monday, May 21, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:25 am

Many thanks to those who have been concerned with my daughters who had hand, foot and mouth disease recently. It is indeed heart warming to note that even blogger pals whom I have never met have been concerned and even offered prayers for my daughters. I will always remember you guys!

Anyway, my elder daughter has gone back to the Child Care Centre this morning. Indeed, she was looking forward to it - must be the loads of toys there which is keeping her excited. As for younger sister, she is back to grandparents' house and will be there until perhaps, end of this week. She is her normal self save and except for some blisters which are slowly drying up. Thankfully, the blisters did not actually erupt nor cause any formation of pus.

God's protection indeed.



At 3:24 pm, Blogger Wuching

good to hear your kids are doing well!


At 9:51 am, Anonymous Adino

Pablo that's great news!