Tuesday, July 03, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:08 pm

Seriously, how many posts have been made on Transformers and pinged to Petaling Street over the past week? I have lost count already. I did not read any of them. I have not watched the movie and I don't intend to read any of the posts, be it a review of any kind. I want to spend my money and either get a back-to-childhood experience or start cursing and demanding my money back (er, I think I will just ask for money back. Cursing not good wor!).

As I have mentioned in my previous posting, sometimes too much of one thing (whichever way you put it) is an overdose. The first post on Transformers might draw the most attention. The second will probably give more to those who read the 1st post or bring consolation to those who missed out the 1st. But the 10th and so on posts on the same subject matter - you can review it one way or another but it will still be the same thing one way or another is a killjoy. Not many people would bother to read it (unless your statistics prove otherwise). Likewise, posts on money making.

What I realised about the world of blogging (and reading blogs) is this - news travel at a blinding speed on blogosphere and the first couple of posts on the same subject will always get the most readers. The rest would probably just manage to get a cursory glance at a reader who is merely browsing through. That alone, would not sustain or increase readership. Frankly speaking, how many posts on the same subject matter are you willing to read? How many Transformers post are you willing to read? How many posts on Google Adsense are you willing to read?

Thankfully, this is not another Transformers post, though it has its origin and idea in disguise.

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At 4:59 pm, Blogger Wuching

instead u could write about transformers that step up or down voltages! hehehehe


At 5:07 pm, Blogger pablopabla

wuching : That voltage transformers is the sole and exclusive domain for Ah Pek ;)