Saturday, March 08, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 2:00 pm

At around 10am this morning, I dutifully made my way to the polling station under the Titiwangsa Parliament seat constituency. It was pretty quiet but orderly. Most people knew what they had to do - find out their polling stream (room number), get to the room and cast their vote. The main grouse was that many of the rooms were located on the 2nd floor of the school and it caused many voters especially the elderly and not so thin citizens to lose their breath. There are so many rooms downstairs but I don't know why they had to put the rooms on the upper floors. Some of the voters were cursing as they made their way upstairs.

As I was walking up the stairs, I realised that the stairs were uneven in height between one step to another. Could this be a case of bad workmanship or close one eye? I don't know but I do know that this school is supposed to be a Sekolah Bestari whatever.

My vote has been cast and I can only await the decision in a couple of hours' time. I had made up my mind on whom to vote sometime back and the endless barrage of BN propaganda of late has made me all the more sure that my decision is correct. I did not bother to watch Pak Lah's TV interview yesterday as it is not worth my time. It wasn't worth my time because it is one-sided. And my decision was again correct because from the very little headlines that I see on papers this morning, the usual subtle threats were given. Vote for stability, not for chaos. My wife mentioned that this means - If BN lose, we will create chaos. Why would the non-BN parties create chaos if they won?

I'll be glued to the tv / internet this evening. God bless this nation called Malaysia!



At 3:38 pm, Anonymous lcteh

Same sentiments from me.


At 12:22 pm, Anonymous Adino

Perhaps the lower floor rooms were seen as less secure. Anyway, at my polling station people had to queue up in the hot sun!