Tuesday, May 06, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 2:31 pm

I have been very busy with work lately so much so that blogging has been sporadic. That does not mean, however, that I have not been following the news. It's just that I have not felt the urge to blog about the silly things and statements uttered by our politicians of late. Not until this piece of news greeted me on Malaysiakini - "No case of indelible ink smugglers". Apparently, the Election Commission acted on hearsay back in March 2008 and called off the use of the indelible ink.

On 04.03.2008, it was reported in the Star that the Election Commission had cancelled the use of indelible ink citing public order and security reasons. Apparently, EC chairman Abdul Rashid said there were also reports made to the police confirming that certain irresponsible quarters had purchased indelible ink from abroad with the intention of creating confusion and suspicion as to the status of voters.

So, the police reports are hearsay? Who made those police reports? The person/s who lodged the police reports must have identified "irresponsible quarters" as having purchased indelible ink from abroad. The reports confirmed the existence of irresponsible quarters. And the EC upon being informed of these police reports sought and obtained legal advice to stop the use of indelible ink. Surely, how could it be mere hearsay? Unless the EC is saying that the legal advisors gave negligent advice. If it was hearsay, it would have been hearsay from the face of the reports and dismissed as hearsay resulting in the continued plan and use of the indelible ink. If it was direct knowledge, the investigation at that point of time in late February / early March would have identified the irresponsible quarters which would have formed the basis for cancelling the use of the indelible ink which costs tax payers RM2.4million to purchase followed by possible prosecution by the AG for possibly an act of sedition.

Alas, the truth is out and the EC took the nation for a ride. Who will bear responsibility? My guess is, true to Malaysian type of governance, no one will be made accountable. It's just hard luck that public funds are used and discarded. Are you not pissed off by this? I sure am.



At 4:56 pm, Blogger 5xmom.com

I am very furious being taken for a ride too cos I watched the news back then, and they showed the police at some kampong borders ACTING! ACTING. Thank God PR won so many seats or else, we will probably be duped forever.


At 11:19 am, Blogger Joe Gelb



At 8:55 pm, Blogger zewt

if the ink was used and no phantom voters... i think we would probably have a different PM already.


At 11:44 pm, Anonymous giddy tigress

...and really, I was SO looking forward to having that ink on my fingernail too. Sheesh!