Friday, March 14, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 3:50 pm

Malaysian politics has just got wind of its latest shocker - Shahidan Kassim, who yesterday confidently told the press that he would be re-appointed as the Perlis menteri besar, has been sabu-ed. Instead, Bintong state assemblyperson Mat Isa Sabu will replace him as the new Perlis Menteri Besar. Umno secretary-general Radzi Sheikh Ahmad's pre-election campaign to oust Shahidan seems to have worked notwithstanding the furore shown by Shahidan's grassroot supporters.

So, what will come next? Will Shahidan and supporters cross over to PAS or PKR? It is embarassing indeed to have announced that he will be re-appointed only to find out the next day that somebody else has been appointed. It will take someone with a really thick face to face this blooper.

Of course, whilst Pak Lah deals and monitors what's happening at the northernmost state of Malaysia, he's got a bigger problem at hand. Now there seems to be a mutiny of some sorts in UMNO asking him to resign. Mukhriz is the most vocal of the lot and has shown certain glimpses of his father's style. The pressure seems to be surmounting on him. I wonder if the protest at Komtar was sent out as a distraction by UMNO members? They have the right to protest - it's their fundamental right. But I wonder why the 1000 or so UMNO members and supporters are crying out for something which has not even started? "Don't sideline the Malays". Who is? I am a Chinese and if the DAP-led State Government sidelines deserving Malays, I will be the first to vote against them. What proof is there that the Malays have been sidelined by the new state government? How have they been sidelined? Have they been discriminated? Have they suddenly lost something which they used to have but has now been taken away? Prove it.

Some members of the public are probably alarmed by the latest happenings. I am not. It is part of the growing pains for Malaysia as it comes to terms with changes in the political landscape. The heart-warming thing which I have noticed, especially from the responses shown in the internet, is an increasing readiness to embrace meritocracy, justice and equality as opposed to discriminate policies which were not implemented for the full benefit of those in need. Not only that, I have also seen more and more people being interested in the political change in our country - from the older folks to the youths. This bodes well for the nation. I am excited. Aren't you?

(Update) : Whereas these people have taken to the streets, some 22 Muslim NGO's sought clarification from Penang's CM on NEP and came away happy. The former probably thought that the new Penang State Government is the arrogant and not the approachable type (just like BN) and saw the need to protest ala Hindraf - though they denounced street protests pre-election as something not in Malaysian culture. The Muslim NGOs were smarter this time.



At 5:51 pm, Blogger Anak Merdeka

Malay voters may be smarter this time but I still feel Lim Guan Eng need to be careful with his speeches and public pronouncements.


At 10:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

Who would have thought Pak Lah got the guts to kick out this little napoleon. Perhaps he finally realised that he is a liability. I am sure Shahidan's supporters will jump ship eventually to the other Umno factions in Perlis.
Hoorah for Raja Perlis.