Friday, March 14, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 12:47 pm

What a week it has been! The topsy-turvy drama-laden make up of the new Perak State Government Coalition seems to have found peace with a 6:3:1 formula in the DAP:PKR:PAS ratio - thanks to early news from Malaysiakini. Apparently the parties' leaders had a late meeting yesterday to resolve their differences and came up with a solution to their deadlock. I am sure the people of Perak would be most pleased to hear that the parties have amicably settled this and are ready to move on governing the state according to their pre-election promises (with BN ready to pounce on any of their mistakes no doubt).

I think there are a couple of lessons which could be learnt here. Politics is all about power - no matter how the politicians try to deny it. Only one who is not after power would not be bothered about positions. One who has a serving heart would go about serving the people without any thoughts of securing a position here or there. Again, some of those nominated to the State EXCO positions may very well be servants, and not greedy about power. Hence, it could be deduced that it is the leaders themselves who want to place people whom they can work with in the State EXCO. Again, power play comes to the picture but I guess, which leader would not do that. However, the right thing that should be done is to settle their differences behind doors and not throw tantrums like boycotting this or pulling out from that. Maturity is needed especially where the issuance of statements are concerned especially during these times when every movement of theirs are being watched by the nation. They must remember again and again that the expectations placed upon them now is probably greater than that on BN.

So, does it mean then that these leaders decide behind closed doors but do not subsequently make an effort to explain the rationale of the decisions made? No. I think that it is important for them to issue statements (preferably joint statements) on why these decisions were made (eg. why is the ration at 6:3:1) and following from that, to reassure the public again that the rights and needs of the people would not be shortchanged through these decisions. True, they may be lambasted by their supporters for not fighting more for their rights (still remember the BN concept of fighting for each race's rights?) but in the long run, this may be beneficial towards a more open government and allows feedback and criticisms. All of this would likely help the move forward towards creating a more matured and politically-aware citizens of the nation.



At 1:42 pm, Blogger Anak Merdeka

It would be good for LKS to slowly relinquish power and take a back seat so that new and capable young DAP leaders can emerge from the shadows of the old guards.