Wednesday, March 12, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 5:28 pm

Are you human? Save for the search engines which send their bots to track new contents on websites including this blog, chances are you are human. And if you are human, you were once born helplessly needing an adult (or two) to meet your needs. Be it feeding or cleaning up after you have done your biological job. In time to come, you will also pass on and leave this place call earth. Depending on your beliefs, you might be in heaven or reincarnated or gone poof into oblivion with just a name and deed for remembrance. Whichever way, it will be ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We all come the same way and will go the same way.

Yet, why are we so obsessed this couple of days post-election on who should be the MB or Deputy MB of this or that state? Or to put it more accurately, why are we so bloody (pardon my language but I am really pissed about this) about whether the MB should be a Malay, Chinese or Indian (I have not heard of anyone talking about any other race in the running) or whether the MB should be a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever belief he subscribes to? Apart from the obvious fact that the state constitution or law prescribes the "qualification" of a Menteri Besar (which is essentially a Malay Muslim save and except for Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak), why are we harping about who should rightfully be named as the new Menteri Besar (and Deputies included) for Perak and Selangor? Why are we going back to harping on whether this and that race should have this number or that number of representatives in the EXCO?

Tell me, did you vote for an Opposition leader who is not of your race or has a different religious belief than yours? Then why are you now being a hypocrite by demanding that the MB or his Deputy or Exco must be from this and that race or religious belief? Is that more important to you or is the credibility, talent and character of that person more important in the all-important job of leading this country and state of yours? Are you so blinded by race and religion that you have forgotten the very reason why you voted out BN recently? You hated the racist policies expounded by BN politics. You hated the corrupt, hypocrites and fanatics in the BN leadership. And now you are demanding the very thing you hate to resurface in the choosing of a suitable group of leaders to lead the states? You hypocrites!

The only way forward for this nation towards unity is to embrace all as fellow citizens of Malaysia without ascribing any prejudice or suspicion towards the race or religion of the other. For as long as we hold on to the notion that the other race or religion is trying to eat us alive and fail to see the inner attributes and character of a person, we are but hypocrites ourselves. Do remember that the power is again in your hand to make a difference in the next General Election just as how you have exercised your power this round. Let the Sultan make his decision and let us respect His decision. Then, give time for the new state government to perform. If they don't and your fears became true, exercise your rights to vote them out the next round. If BN can be ousted in 5 states, why can't the opposition government be ousted the next round?

Be responsible in your forwarding of malicious sounding smses which make create misunderstanding - especially those which highlight certain race or religion of the candidate for MB or Deputy or EXCOs. Think before you hit that forward button. Don't destroy what you have clamoured for so long when the great revival in this nation has only begun.



At 6:09 pm, Anonymous Messy Christian

Shout louder! More people need to hear this. I wrote exactly the same thing on my blog today. I am also fedup with such attitudes. Here we are voting against racial politics, and yet some of us can't seem to think out of it.

We need to drum into people's heads not to look at race and religion anymore, but 50 years of propaganda is very difficult to overcome. But try we must!


At 1:00 am, Blogger Bengbeng

I support you in this Pablopabla.