Wednesday, March 19, 2008
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Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced his new Cabinet Ministers at around noon. Datuk Anifah Aman (younger brother of CM of Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman) was named as the Deputy Minister for Transport - his third term as a Deputy Minister. Last night, he declined the appointment in an apparent slap at the Prime Minister of Malaysia. It was also reported that the Sabah BN is unhappy that Pak Lah has failed to recognise their hefty contributions towards the number of seats secured to form the Federal Government by simple majority. There were high expectations that more Ministers would be appointed from their midst but alas, Pak Lah did not find them qualified enough for the Ministerial posts. Perhaps they should cross over and join the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition and form the new Federal Government. I am sure they would be more appreciated. Afterall, the Sabahans (and Sarawakians) have been neglected for long especially the Bumiputeras.

Meanwhile, Datuk Radzi Sheikh Ahmad who was not re-appointed a Cabinet Minister has tendered his resignation as the UMNO and BN Secretary General and speculation is rife that Rafidah would be stepping down from her Ketua Wanita UMNO post today as she was also not re-appointed into the Cabinet. Whereas Sharizat (Wanita UMNO No. 2) also lost in the Elections, she was given a special advisory role to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry. Here, Rafidah was given nothing. Would this mean there's gonna be a jostle for the No. 1 seat? Azalina vs Sharizat?

Over at the coalition partners' end, MIC's Samy (I don't wanna quit) Vellu has hit out at Gerakan National Vice-President Datuk Chang Ko Youn for suggesting that BN component parties consider amending their constitutions to accept members from all races in line with the voting trend shifting away from racial politics. According to Sam the Evergreen, such a move would dilute the rights of the Indian community - which MIC has been FIGHTING FOR all along. Big Sam still thinks that communal parties are still relevant, never mind the big whacking BN got during the recent elections.

A Barisan Nasional revolt starting? You bet. The show has begun.

Important : Whatever happens, this is part of politics. As level-headed Malaysians, resist all forms of distribution or forwarding of smses or emails about panic, clashes or riots (if at all you receive them). Let the leaders sort out their politicking business but let us not be so caught up as to irresponsibly send or forward messages which would disturb the peace. If the leaders are so childish as to throw tantrums or make racist slurs or ridicule voters for not voting them in, so be it. Just don't fall into their trap of disturbing the peace. UNLESS you witness or heard something yourself, don't spread unconfirmed messages. Boleh?

Update (1.45pm) : Indeed, the show has begun. Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has snubbed his appointment and did not attend the swearing in of the Cabinet Ministers today. He claimed that due to his long service, he ought to have been made a Minister. Now we have 2 vacancies. Anyone interested?

(2.00pm) : Whilst the BN reels in turmoil, the DAP-PKR-PAS partnership gains momentum by unanimously appointing Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail of PKR as the Opposition Leader until Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim takes over, provided he wins in a by-election as early as April, of course. Jeff Ooi, MP of Jelutong, has asked us to get ready for exciting happenings after April 15. I wonder what does Jeff know which he does not want us to know now?

(3.50pm) : Well, Rafidah wanna stay put contrary to speculation that she would honorably step down. Perhaps she wants to reinvent and re-energise Wanita UMNO and Wanita BN just like what Samy and Ong Ka Ting are doing.

(4.20pm) : Surprise! Surprise! Tengku Adnan is the new UMNO Secretary General. Was it Pak Lah's tactic to get rid of Radzi (by not offering him a Cabinet Minister post) and then have Tengku Adnan in waiting? It would be more exciting to see what the Royal Commission on the Lingam-gate have to say regarding Tengku Adnan's role (if any) in the fixing and brokering of appointment of judges. If the Royal Commission finds any foul play on the part of Tengku Adnan, chances are we will be having a new UMNO Secretary General probably before the end of the year!

(10.50pm) : Final update before I go to sleep. Ku Li has indicated his willingness to contest for UMNO Presidency provided he gets enough votes within UMNO to do so. In probably one of the biggest slap to Pak Lah, Ku Li was quoted to have said "Siapa yang bertanggungjawab tidak boleh terus tidur," literally translated to "Whoever is responsible cannot continue sleeping". Will he get enough votes? I know Mukhriz would :)

And guess what? Obviously feeling the heat, Khir Toyo has relinquished his post as the ketua badan perhubungan Umno dan BN negeri (whatever that means). He feels obliged to do so because he felt that he needed to be responsible for the huge losses to BN in the elections. Well, it's only a position. The heat will probably grow to a furnace once the new state government examine the past performance and conduct of the government led by Khir Toyo.

And Anwar is confident of forming a new Federal Government! He better be sure or he will end up being the butt of jokes if the cross-over does not materialise. If he does, it will be a remarkable turnaround for the ex-DPM of Malaysia who was sacked by Tun Mahathir. If he fails to get these MPs to cross over, then his credibility would be dented.



At 12:11 pm, Anonymous PB

Aha! *pops popcorn and sits back to wait for the show* ;)


At 1:58 pm, Anonymous Adino

Hopefully whatever will happen, will take place peacefully.


At 5:33 pm, Anonymous Ah Pek

now i try to refrain from commenting on politics but i do smell a storm brewing.

First, the letter from the Old man's son.(I don't believe he acted alone, he is not that stupid)

Then it was decided that no action be taken. (very strange, given the keris wielder's character)

SIL says he don't want any post as long as bodowi is the PM which means, when FIL resigns, he WILL accept ministership.

What does this tell us?

Some conspiracy to get bodowi out.


At 12:00 am, Blogger M-Factor

Whatever happen in near future, let's be the smart civilians and watch the actual tsunami sweep in. What happen last week is just a medium earthquake. Devastated quake and tsunami is still to come.

Let's not be drag into all unproven racial jibes and sms passing around. Stay calm and be smart. BN has only one way to go, which is stirring up people's emotions!

Just my 2 cents opinion


At 1:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous

No chance to see how much Anifah Aman (Musa Aman brother is worth). More interesting if MB Musa Aman is also required to have public declaration of assets. Sure would like to see Rafidah's collection also. Idris Jusoh, Isa and Khir Toyo assets would also be interesting.


At 12:55 am, Blogger Bengbeng

i have subscribed to malaysiakini to keep myself updated on the latest going-ons :) it is worth it