Thursday, January 25, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 1:09 pm

Anybody done this before? I mean, anybody started a meme / tag on Malaysian Bloggers? If nobody has done it before, let me start. Why? Because I'm nearing 1 year in blogging and these are some of my favourite bloggers and I thought it would be nice to pimp them ;) Muahahaha!

p/s : The list does not go in any particular order. Moreover, those I don't pimp does not mean I don't like them lar...I can't be putting the whole list here, right??

Okay, here goes...

5xmom (aka Lilian Chan)

She is so big! In the local (and some say international) blogosphere-lah. What else were you thinking? She was so kind to notice this little pablopabla feeling so intimidated in the new blogging world that she placed a link to pablopabla's food blog resulting in bigger fishes swimming to this new food pond to check it out. That was a real encouragement for me. Apart from that, her businesses infected me resulting in my having my own


Ah...I knew Ryeurn from a little community in cyberspace and we clicked real fast! We are both Man United fans and are young fathers. He's got a beautiful baby girl and he has even set up a blog for her. Not many daddies out there do this. Oh, he is also trained in drugs...ask him for a quick fix!

Paris Beaverbanks

This lady amazes me right from the start. I mean, I first knew her when she started the cosmetic blog under the name Shopaholickl and I thought she was some sort of promoter or serial sample-taker at the cosmetics section of departmental store. I wondered how does she get all the information about latest launches etc. Of course, I am now one of the exclusive few who know what she does for a living ;) Don't ask me. Ask her, will ya? Let's just say it's a glamourous profession ;)

Wingz Taikor

Who hasn't heard of Rojaks in the Malaysian blogosphere? Taikor Wingz has got a PR6 blog, so don't play play ar! His blog is where funny peepel meet and have a laugh. I must say, his originality in his jokes gives some of the established jokers a run for their money. Oh yes, Wingz Taikor also makes money from Adsense but some joker tried to sabo him not too long ago. That feller still doing that ah, Wingz?


Yes, your name comes up again. This guy, I thought he migrate to Melbourne to rest and relax and take pictures of Melbourne for all to see. I've lost count of the carnivals, parades and shows that he has covered and for a while, I thought he is some sort of reporter for Visit Australia Year or something. But no lah, he has a proper sit in office job....but I wonder whether he sneak out of the office to do those coverage.... He was here in KL recently but due to his celebrity status, he was unable to meet everyone of his blogger kakis - me included. However, I am not sore because I was also tied up with work during his two days here. He met my auntie though... ;)

Right...those are my kawan-kawan (not to the exclusion of the others lah). If somehow this tag comes back to me again in future, I will talk about the others. Now is the fun time... who should I tag ar?

Simple, I shall tag all the above! Woohoo!



At 6:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous


But hor, lately why no one tag me wan...*cries*


At 7:09 pm, Blogger Wuching

i met ur auntie? who is she?


At 11:47 pm, Blogger Wingz

wuah lucky this one 5 oni lol


At 3:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous

hi, nice blog. js bloghopped from Lilian's place after thinking that you might be a latino or south american fella behind the moniker. hehe


At 8:52 am, Blogger PabloPabla

5xmom : Ya kah? I must have heard your cries then...LOL!

wuching : Just rewind your memories to the ladies you met in KL and you will know who's my aunt ;)

wingz : You want more?

astrosurge : LOL! Sorry to have disappointed you. Gua cinapek.


At 9:15 am, Blogger Wuching

chey! i met so many ladies, how do i know which one!


At 9:28 am, Blogger PabloPabla

wuching :The one you had a meal with and she blogged about it. That should be a big enough clue for ya!


At 12:36 pm, Blogger PP

OMG Kena tag woh - thanks for the mention - shy only haha... I"m really snowed under at the moment (and I don't really read many blogs *hides*) so I'll take a while eh? Thanks bud!


At 1:21 pm, Blogger RyeUrn

Gah I was away. Didn't even know I received such honour. A lot of catching up to do I must say. So your meme would probably take time.

Thanks Pabloman!


At 10:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous

Wah Nephew! Why my name is not here wan?