Monday, August 14, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 6:24 pm

I have 2. Actually, 3. But one cannot be counted because I don't have enough time for it.

What are the three?

You are reading one of them. The other is Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food and the third is Asian Recipe Finder.

This blog which you are reading now is basically on whatever things or issues that crop into my mind. It can be something regarding food, family, politics or even Christianity. But there is no camwhoring. Yeah, I don't think I will indulge in that and subject my readers to my average man on the street look. Why should my reader be interested anyway? I am neither a vain guy who is out to attract attention with animated funny faces nor a guy with sufficient good looking muscles to parade. I guess I am just who I am. A child of God who is trying to live a life of purpose according to His will.

And why another 2 blogs since I have one blog here?

Well, yours truly once had an ambition to be a chef. That did not materialise (not because I am hopeless in cooking) but rather, I thought I could earn more being an advocate and solicitor. I was perhaps wrong. I seriously think chefs earn much more than what I am earning now.

Anyway, back in university days, when I have much time to spare, I used to have a recipe homepage. It was hosted on geocities and has since been wiped out by the server when there was a change of server ownership.

Now I am back with a vengence in my recipe site known as Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food. It comes with photographs of the dishes I cook thanks to the new toy I acquired recently. Below is a photograph of something I cooked on Saturday.

Cooking is still very much my hobby and I look forward to weekends when I will get to cook something to share with my family.

As for the third blog named Asian Recipe Finder, I shall have to find the time to increase my posts there. It was an ambitious plan to review asian recipe sites on the net. Too ambitious, I think. Unless I become a full-time blogger.

Who knows? Perhaps? My readers decides.



At 3:13 am, Blogger Trashed

The work of a chef is extremely arduous but I think in the long run (if you can survive) is that it is much more satisfying than being an advocate & solicitor. At least part of the work is "creative".

I know of many people who jumped ship from the legal profession, simply because their interest is not quite there. So kudos to those who can stick it out. Then and again, by the time you are a sought after lawyer, the fee scale should be pretty high and compensate for the angst one goes thru.


At 10:10 am, Blogger PabloPabla

trashed : Yes, we only see the "glamourous" part of the chef but not the preparation of food which they have to go through. Imagine peeling kilogrammes after kilogrammes of onions!

I actually enjoy my work as an advocate and solicitor and look forward to coming to work each working day. I guess having good bosses and colleagues helps a lot. All praise be to God for His providence!


At 11:23 am, Blogger mumsgather

Aiyoh. Chin chia hochiak loh!


At 11:25 am, Blogger PabloPabla

mumsgather : I like!


At 12:12 pm, Blogger blurblur

Your hochiak blog really very hochiak...erm, i mean the food lah...:P


At 11:16 am, Blogger PabloPabla

blurblur : Thanks!


At 11:17 am, Blogger Chris Chew

I have only one blog. But is inspired by your energy to keep so many blogs and I love your makan postings :)

Thanks for your encouragement in bloghub:)



At 11:24 am, Blogger PabloPabla

Chris : Welcome Chris!