Tuesday, August 15, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 2:06 pm

I'm off to Kuantan in about an hour's time. This will be my 3rd trip.

First trip was sort of a business-honeymoon trip back in October 2001. We got married on a Saturday and the following Wednesday, I had a trial in Kuantan. So, my wife and I took a drive early in the morning to reach the Court by 9.00am with the purpose of supporting my opponent's application for an adjournment of the case. Yes, a 3 1/2 hours drive to adjourn a case. We did not mind really because we took the opportunity to drive around the town and headed off to Teluk Cempedak and Cherating to see what the fuss is all about regarding the beaches there. We went up as far as Legend Hotel, Cherating before heading back to Kuala Lumpur after buying some foodstuffs (mainly sea produce) in Kuantan town.

The second trip was in May 2005. It was also to attend a trial. I flew there the night before and put up at M.S. Garden Hotel. The next morning, I attended Court at 9.00am after a hearty buffet breakfast at the coffee house anticipating the trial will proceed as scheduled. Waited till 3.30pm for the judge to inform that she is unable to hear us as she could not finish with the other matters which she was then hearing. So, another trip wasted.

Today, I am taking a drive. I heard that the Karak Highway which now extends all the way to Kuantan is quite good and has cut short travelling time. Praying for a smooth journey with God's protection as always. I will put up at Vistana Hotel. M.S. Garden Hotel is fully booked by a group. Thing is, I find that hotels in towns outside Kuala Lumpur are generally quite expensive comparing to the ones available in Kuala Lumpur. Vistana Hotel's rate is RM230.00 nett for one night with breakfast and RM207.00 without breakfast. Hyatt Regency Kuantan in Teluk Cempedak which fronts the beach quotes in excess of RM300.00 excluding taxes. Pretty steep, I must say. I wasn't really impressed with M.S. Garden Hotel the last time I stayed considering the rates I paid. Let us see what Vistana Hotel has to offer. I was informed that broadband access is available in the rooms for free but I don't have a notebook with me. Unless I bring my desktop pc...which is ridiculous anyway.

Trial is fixed for tomorrow. Let us see whether it proceeds as scheduled.



At 3:53 pm, Blogger Anak Merdeka

If you are on a leisure trip and not exactly on a tight budget, Hyatt Kuantan offers a lovely clean & pristine beach with soft fine sand to dig your toes in, and it's merely a few steps away from the main pool.


At 4:01 pm, Anonymous Hijackqueen

Certain hotel do provide a desktop in their executive suite. Try asking for those. Anyway, don't have to help your boss to save so much. RM300 to them is nothing. Very cheap liao. haha...


At 1:18 am, Anonymous Ivan

oh yur a lawyer!..

Kuantan is kind of dead boring. After moving my grandfather's remains to KL, its good that we no longer have to slog all the way there.

Theres so many cemetaries along the way.


At 9:27 am, Blogger Diana Tan

Have a good trip to Kuantan. The last time I was there in Pekan was months ago for some sports project. The drive can be long through Karak highway without many stops compared to North-South highway which has plenty of rest & cafe stopovers.


At 2:53 pm, Blogger Meng

Was there last school hols. Look at my blog for the good eating places.


At 11:21 am, Blogger PabloPabla

anak merdeka & hijackqueen : Running on client's budget ler. They pay for accomodation. Hyatt too expensive liao.

ivan : Yeah, I saw some cemeteries. Including Roman Catholic and Muslim cemeteries side by side. At the end of it all, we all die and go back to dust. So, why fight and kill, hor?

diana : I took the East Coast Highway. I will write about it shortly,

meng : Haiya! I should have read your food blog fully first if I'd known got makan reviews there.