Monday, November 13, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 4:23 pm

According to a tag line on Air Asia's website which reads "no frills, plenty of thrills cabin crew", the ladies are dressed in chilli red AirAsia suits. They are cheerful indeed and definitely exude a sense of energy in them as they go about their duty.

However, I wonder if the AirAsia management spared a thought about the uniform, in particular, the skirt which the female crew wears. Am I doing a Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan? Perhaps, but I am not laying any blame on the female crew.

You see, I personally think that whilst the uniform is striking in colour and modern in look, the skirt is a bit too short. It can be a bit revealing or exposing, especially when the crew has to sit in front of you and facing you at the front row on the 737s. I think the female crew might also find it awkward as well.

But this is not really the main point of my thoughts.

When the AirAsia plane I was travelling on taxied on the tarmac and the seatbelt sign has turned off, I unloaded by cabin bag and headed to the rear door as I was sitting on the back row. The door was not opened yet by the time I stood at the galley. There was then a knock on the outside and the stewardess promptly opened the door. The staircase was not fully aligned to the door of the plane and she was trying to push the door to enable the staircase and the doorway to fit properly with the assistance of a personnel on the staircase. It was then I saw another personnel on the tarmac peering upwards. He was perhaps monitoring the alignment but I seriously think he was monitoring something else!

I am not in a position to accuse him of seeing what I thought he was seeing but I think AirAsia should, for the sake of the modesty of their female crew, rethink about the current length of skirt their female crew is asked to wear.

AirAsia, are you listening?



At 5:54 pm, Blogger 5xmom

Hahaha, interesting views, though I am not sure right timing or not. LOL.


At 11:50 pm, Anonymous Neo

The shorter the better :) (evil smiles)


At 2:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous

Ugh.. you have a choice. to look or not to look. or eve better, dont use Air Asia. If you're unhappy with the length, dont bother looking. People like you are the ones that depict the "noise making narrow minded" malaysian.

If youre thinking in terms of sexual conotations?, face it dude, sex sells. Learn to live with it because you're exposed to it every single day.


At 9:59 am, Blogger team BSG

I suppose they have their panties on right ?

Its a basic instinct thing, u can look and enjoy or let others enjoy ! LOL !


At 10:15 am, Blogger PabloPabla

5xmom : When I saw that guy looking upwards, I knew that the female crew members can be unwillingly exposed. Furthermore, they have no choice as it is their company's uniform and due to the company's practice of low-cost (meaning having to use staircase), these female crew are exposed everytime the door is opened. I felt that for modesty sake, I had to post this whether timing is right or not.

neo : Really so?

anon : I wonder if you understand what I am trying to say in my post. Am I a "noise making narrow minded" Malaysian? Please read my post again as well as my reply to 5xmom above to see where my concern is. I am questioning the management's choice of uniform, not the crew's choice in wearing them.

tonixe : I think the female crew will bar you from entering the plane!


At 1:47 pm, Blogger Shiny Blue Black

Actually I think it's stupid that air stewardesses are required to wear skirts full stop. Pants are so much more comfortable, functional and can look just as presentable, I don't know why ladies of the air aren't given that choice.

Then again, air stewardesses are not exactly the type of girl that would WANT to wear pants... (in my humble experience)


At 4:16 pm, Anonymous Peter Cai

Well, I am sure all Air Asia girls will prepare themselves for the "show". It's just like tennis attire for ladies. You guys gets to view it..but so what!


At 6:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous

"I am questioning the management's choice of uniform, not the crew's choice in wearing them."

Is it not the choice of the crew to be an employee of Air Asia?