Tuesday, November 14, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 12:19 pm

In my previous post, I touched on a subject many people take interest in (judging from the number of hits I get). The subject with the title "Air Asia Stewardess's Uniform Too Short?" drew some responses like "The shorter the better" and "u can look and enjoy or let others enjoy". An anonymous response called me a "noise making narrow minded" Malaysian and to face it that "sex sells". I wonder what most of the other readers had in mind when they were reading that post.

Would they have allowed their daughters or wives or someone close to them work for AirAsia and have the possibility of getting exposed like what I have observed in my previous post? I have come across many hypocritical men in my life who takes opportunities to have a quick thrill in seeing "exposed" women one minute but will say that they will not allow their womenfolk at home to be exposed the same way. It seems okay when other people are exposed or have their modesty compromised but not when it involves someone close to them.

Let's face the truth. Many men are like that. And there are no excuses for being a peeping tom. I don't know about women and whether they are peeping "jane??" or not. A bit difficult considering that men don't wear skirts.

If women are comfortable with their choice of personal clothing and couldn't be bothered with what others think or look or lust, so be it. It is something personal and we can argue till the cows come home on the morality issues involved. However, where the choice of clothing is determined by the company involved, I believe the management could be more considerate towards the employees and the various hazards that may take place. I am making noise here because I think the management could have done something more than to subject their female cabin crew to possibility of having their modesty compromised. Definitely not because I am narrow minded.

Brickbats are welcome!

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At 12:44 pm, Blogger mumsgather

I can see from the picture that the two girls who are seated in the front row are having some difficulty trying to sit in a prim and proper manner. What more if its a job that requires some movement and lots of walking around including stairways. Some of the poor ladies might even be distracted in adjusting their skirts when carrying out their duties. I certainly agree with you that the mgmt should be a little bit more considerate. When it comes to personal wear, like you said, its up to the individual but in a uniform where you have no choice....., and no, I don't think your post was offering a narrow minded view.


At 3:41 pm, Anonymous jacky

I can't remember how many airlines I've flown in the last decade but its probably more than 10. I find Air Asia's uniform rather standard compared to the European, Japanese and American airlines. I don't hear their flight attendants grumbling about it.

"Would they have allowed their daughters or wives or someone close to them work for AirAsia and have the possibility of getting exposed like what I have observed.."

Can I modify it a bit. Would they have allowed their daughters or wives to go to the shopping center sporting whale tails, mini shorts, low-cut blouses and near see-through dresses?

A fairer question to ask is what makes it ok for family members to wear these all day shopping but not ok for professional women to wear standard industry attire while earning a living?


At 11:47 pm, Blogger lilygirl

Well then, if i am a narrow minded girl, but want to be a air stewardess, i must join Malaysia Airlines because their uniform are more decent....too bad...I support you pablo pabla!!


At 12:48 pm, Blogger iM D eNigMa

Come on la, be real. Even if you were to join MAS, their uniform does expose a bit of their boobs, u know! The bottom line is, it's not so of the uniforms but just the mind set of the passengers. You'd have to change their 'itchiness'... and how in the world can you do that?! That said, why complain on behalf of the air stewardess? I don't hear a strike or anything that way???