Wednesday, November 15, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 3:16 pm

Latest news flash from The Star reports that two policemen were charged with the murder of a Mongolian model at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions (sic, should be Shah Alam Magistrates) Court today. In view that it is a murder charge, the matter will be transferred to the Kuala Lumpur (sic, Shah Alam) High Court for the charge to be read out again and to take the two policemen's plea. Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Constable Sirul Azhar Umar have been accused of murdering the Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, on the night of Oct. 19 and Oct. 20 in a forest area outside Kuala Lumpur.

As for the fate of political analyst, Abdul Razak Baginda, he is scheduled to appear before a Magistrate on Thursday where he will either have his remand extended, released or charged. All sorts of stories and gossips have emerged about his supposed relationship with the deceased.

The Mongolian model was reported to have been shot to death and had her body blown to bits using C4 explosives. It is hard to imagine a human being so evil as to commit such a despicable act.

I just pray that justice will be served and be seen to be served. May her soul rest in peace and her family find comfort in God.

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At 10:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

What is the relationship between these two PDRM officers and Altantuya Shaariibuu ? They are just playing the scapegoat's role. Somebody else ordered the termination of Altantuya's life. Supposing these two officers are sentenced to death, the people involved should chase after the one who planned this event.


At 9:19 am, Blogger team BSG

Fom my humble mind, since we r at it so here's my take.

I do believe those 2( n more ) deprived souls must have sexually molested her( to use a clinical term), so had to stupidly and panickly blow her to bits to destroy seminal trace.( actually to incinerate her in Nirvana Park would have been easier ).

Dats the only logical way 2 look at it ??? why use bombs ( gosh its LOUD, n ineffective ) !

Btw this theory never fail ( its called when 'everything else fails' ), when dealing with perverted minds....