Tuesday, November 14, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 1:13 pm

Blogger Mahaguru58 posted his views recently on homosexuality. Titled "When a sodomite seeks to ban religion", he commented on Sir Elton John's recent remark as follows:-

"I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate. The world is near escalating to World War Three and where are the leaders of each religion?"

I implore you to read his post in full followed by the comments. You should read the comments. As Mahaguru58 rightly pointed out, he sees things from an Islamic angle whilst I see things as a Christian. We both have different perspectives.

And how very different our perspectives are in our approach towards the same issue on homosexuality. At least such different perspectives are open for all to see on the net, which is a good thing for it allows ideas to flow and minds to think.

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At 2:50 pm, Anonymous Andreas

I liked you entry/ comment in this guy's blog entry about homosexuals. It shows that even so you are not necessarily supporting homosexuality, you at least try to understand the issue. And this shows great compassion.

By the way, do you know that there are views that homosexuality is an in-born trait? What could be the reason for this? God loves all his children, so there is a reason for this, right?


At 9:36 pm, Blogger Helen

Hate the sin but not the sinner.

To be frank, before I converted to Christianity, I had no problems with homosexuality. Heck, why should i care about other people's sexual preference?

Then, I became a Christian. Being one meant I believe with all my heart the Holy bible is the Word of God. If the Lord said homosexuality is wrong, yes, it is wrong. I don't question that. I don't condemn the person, I condemn the act which goes against the Word of my Lord.

Yes, there are people who believe homosexuality is an in-born trait. But, so is greed, hatred, jealousy and a million other character flaw that we inherit in our genes. Does that mean it is an OK sign from above I can do what I please just because I'm born with it so it must be part of God's will? The bible clearly said we have to overcome the trials/temptations and tribulations of our daily lives. Paul said, "fight it!" Nobody said taking up the cross is an easy task. Nobody promise you a bed of roses when you embrace the Lord.

That reminded me the age old question why the Lord put the tree of wisdom and truth in the garden of Eden? If the Lord does not want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree, why put it there in the first place?

Excuses, excuses.

Maybe some might say, "I'm not a Christian, so it's OK for me to be a homo!" I agree 100%. For those homosexuals, you don't have to answer to us mortals. But, please don't expect us to say it's OK because you said so. We have an higher authority to answer to.


At 2:08 pm, Blogger mahaguru58

Greetings to those reading this,

May Peace be upon you and the Guidance of God Almighty Most Merciful be upon us all.

I appreciate and respect the viewpoints here by Brother PP and that
of the commentors here.

I am very glad to read sister Helen's views and fully support her points!

This is a sign of those whom God has graced with a clear mind and rational in their perceptions of whatever is before them.

Thank God for Helen's comments!

I know that there are likeminded Christians all over the world who think as we Muslims do that homosexuality is an acquired trait that is against the very nature that God has created us all to be.

I researched and found this site http://www.narth.com/menus/born.html

It shows that even animals are inclined to such an abominable sexual depravity!

Does that mean because animals do it, mankind has to do the same?

My point of contention will remain that if these homosexuals and lesbians have had their parents as such, they will not have come to exist here on Earth.

Helen, I am publishing your comments in my blog as a Christian'spoint of view about the subject.

I applaud your stand point and wish to express my appreciations with this @};-

Thou art who speaketh the truth! :)


At 9:50 am, Blogger merizaanna


Mahaguru is my friend now, I agree, but still disagree with him.

Homosexuality is wrong. I agree totally on that, and as a member of society, we must condemn it.

But I also think that homosexuality could also be a disease, like an addiction to drugs and alchohol to be a disease. So, as people of God must find an understanding and solution instead of just condemning.

Actually, not all Muslims agree on condemnation without solution. As harsh as mahaguru's opinions are, they do not reflect ALL Muslims. I have seen on TV before, Dr Fadzilah Kamsah offered to help a 'bapuk' man turn back to his ways, nicely and gently. Dengan cara yang lembut dan tak mengutuk.

The problem is, if we are soft toward these people and turning a blind eye toward this grievious sin, people will keep on doing it. But apart from condemnation there must be solution.

I personally feel that we should hear from the homosexual turned normal person about how he mend his ways so that he can help the people with this problem. We don't put a large stroke with a large brush and condemn all to be sinners, I'd say some are seriously in sickness. They need help.



At 11:04 am, Blogger sabrina

I must say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being homosexual. Before u dismiss me as a homosexual (not that anything is wrong with that, let me just say that I am a Catholic and a heterosexual. However, i believe that religion, like everything else in life, is subject to interpretation.

I truly believe that as long as you lead a good life and don't hurt others, that's good enough, no matter your sexual orientation.
The problem with people when they think about homosexuality is that they immeditaley picture the sex act and not focus on the more important aspect of pure love between two people, regardless of gender.

God bless.