Thursday, November 23, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 11:57 am

After last night's church meeting, Allan and myself headed southbound towards Sg. Besi to have Wan Tan Mee. Most people who travel southbound from the direction of Jalan Tun Razak will notice this stall-cum-shop on the left hand side of the road before seeing the air-force runway on the right hand side. Wan Tan Mee Sg. Besi is located just after the BHPetroleum Station and Volvo showroom. You better be driving slow or you will miss this stall by the side of the road. But then again, the number of cars belonging to customers parked along the road will sort of tell you that you've arrived.

So, how's the Wan Tan Mee, you ask? Before I proceed further, for those not in the know, wan tan mee is prawn dumpling noodles in cantonese. The noodles are thin and yellow, much like vermicelli, and usually contains egg as one of the ingredients. It is either cooked in soup or dried style with a little bit of soya sauce based gravy.

This place has been reviewed before in Funky Cookies as well as Yummy Corner. I don't wish to repeat the other details which they have amply covered and I will just concentrate on what I think of this so-called famous Wan Tan Mee.

Char Siew Wan Tan Mee

I ordered the usual medium-sized Char Siew Wan Tan Mee costing RM4.20. The noodles sold here are much thinner than usually sold elsewhere. Though it is thin, it does not break easily and has a slight bite to it. Some called the texture "kiew" meaning curly. It doesn't look curly but tastes like it lah. The gravy is nothing to shout about and the portion of noodles could be more.

The char siew is quite good, sweetish in flavour and slightly overburnt on the outside. It reminds me of the famous Char Siew Rice shop in Tung Shin area. It is tender but quite fatty. As for the wan tan, it is a real disappointment. Having called themselves Wan Tan Mee Sg. Besi, I would have expected the wan tan to be good but what greeted me was bland tasting wan tan. I can't taste the prawn (if at all contained inside) and I suspect it was more flour than anything else though it was quite big in size. Frankly, I have tasted much better wan tan mee and I will definitely share it here once I visit those stalls again. Will I go back there again? I wouldn't be bothered.

Curried Wildboar Meat Mee

Allan ordered the curried wildboar meat mee (large portion by the looks of it) and wolfed it all down. I didn't ask him how it tastes but I think both of us were more concerned with filling our stomach then. We also ordered a bowl of wan tan soup and 2 glasses of herbal tea. Total damage came up to RM18.00. I would rate it as not worth the money considering the quality given.

In case you don't believe me and you want to try it for yourself, here are the details:-
6.30pm to 3.00am No. 190H, Jalan 2 1/2 Miles, Off Sg Besi 55200 KL

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At 12:41 pm, Blogger Wuching

u chia me can onot?


At 1:12 pm, Blogger Wingz

eh i heard bout this place but i never go there ... easy to find wan anot ar taikor?


At 1:43 pm, Blogger just me

Ever tried the popular wan ton mee in SS2? located in corner coffee shop, thursday pasar malam area


At 3:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

You shud try the one in Loke Yew Road - Hung Kee! Am quite sure the "kon lo mee" there tastes better. And they have lots of other things as well!


At 4:47 pm, Blogger babe_kl

actually the ori famous wantan mee seller is known as patyathin. the name ring a bell??? of course lor they opened the patyathin food court along jalan cheras (parallel with peel road) and shifted there. the current one is just an opportunist LOL

anyway seriously the ori one also not that great in my opinion. i managed to eat there a few times before they shifted.


At 5:15 pm, Anonymous Paris Beaverbanks

This place is so overrated and underwhelming and yet their business is thriving :p I tried Hung Kee's too and its so-so. Again very expensive. I don't know what is it about wantan mee sellers that charge you so much for a few slivers of meat and vege and a lump of noodles (some don't even give a fair sized lump) lol...


At 8:11 pm, Anonymous pammy

Tried the Sg Besi one before... nothing special, and yes, over-rated. Oh I likey the wonton mee @ Chopstick Noodle House... although ppl tell me the food & service there is bad.