Friday, November 17, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 4:52 pm

A crackdown on cars with heavily tinted glass will be launched from next year, so says the Director-General of the Road Transport Department. Curiously, he said that his department has obtained the nod from the Cabinet to conduct the nationwide operation. The Government had recently raised it concerns over the matter and wanted us to take action,” he told reporters after opening the client service counter at Perak RTD here on Friday.

Why would the Road Transport Department need a reminder or a nod from the Government / Cabinet before it conducts an operation to check on vehicles with glasses tinted above permitted levels? What have they been doing all these while? Idling away, minum kopi and watching VIP -tinted like cars drive by? Just take a look at the cars that go by and you will see so many cars (and especially MPVs) which are so heavily tinted you must be wondering whether James Bond is being chauffered inside.

Let us not stop at tinting above permissible limit. How about illegal modifications? Exhaust pipes which can fit a solo papaya are a common sight (especially common on Perodua Kancils and Proton Wiras). Spoilers which make the car look like road sweeper machines are also in vogue. Oversized rims and tyres are nothing new as the owners look to Fernando Alonso and his F1 car for inspiration on tyre designs and grip. Oh, and have you seen the thick blanket of exhaust fumes coming out of those lorries and buses? Come on, these enforcement officers of the Road Transport Department have not been doing their job all these while. We have the laws but we lack the enforcement.

Much like the illegal extensions and renovations in Selangor which happily go about under the watchful eye of the State Government, all these heavy tinting above permissible limits and illegal modifications happily go about under the sleepy eyes of the Road Transport Department. I hope the Director-General will not do a classic Khir Toyo statement "If we start enforcing to the letter of the law, almost every vehicle will kena tahan!". Don't blame anything else but blame your incompetency and lackadaisal attitude for allowing things to be where they are today.

Get cracking immediately! You don't need to wait till next year!

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At 6:56 pm, Blogger Wingz

phew~ lucky my car no tint


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

Typical case of cat n mouse game. Sleeping cat dancing mouse...Funny scenario...


At 4:10 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

wingz : Same same :)

anon : Malaysia memang boleh