Thursday, January 04, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:05 pm

See the picture below? No idea what it is? Well, it is part of a 30 pcs jig-saw of a photo taken by Veronique of PPP using her new HP Camera. The interesting part of the jig-saw is this : If you are able to locate all 30 pcs of the jig-saw in the various blogs throughout the internet, you stand to win a USD1,000.00 opportunity!

Wah!! It's USD1,000.00! That's a cool RM3,500.00 ++ which is equivalent to many graduates' salaries here in Malaysia. That can buy you a couple of HP cameras, that's for sure. And a high end model at that.

And once you have taken all those lovely photos, send it for Digital Photo Printing or share it online. I bought a digital camera middle of 2006 and have been snapping pictures non-stop. That's where I get these pictures on my blog anyway.

Okay, meanwhile, please excuse me as I shall now go hunting for the rest of the 29 pieces. Wish me luck!

Brought to you by HP