Tuesday, March 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:34 pm

Is that really Antonella Barba? I mean, all these pictures circulating in the net on the American Idol finalist? Frankly, I am shocked to see all these provocative pictures which are circulating around. I only knew about it when I saw her name ranking highest on Technorati and was wondering whether she got kicked out of the American Idol or something and truly did not expect to see tons of websites putting up provocative pictures of her.

I really do wonder if the pictures are genuine or fake. Either way, it is definitely embarassing to her and I really feel sorry for her to be involved in this kind of controversy. I do hope however, that she is not hoping to use this kind of buzz as a ticket to fame. Imagine the kind of embarassment and ridicule her family would have to go through.

Sometimes I do wonder why people take pictures of themselves in compromising poses because it risks being circulated for all to see. We have seen this kind of thing often enough to realise that these private pictures can fall into the wrong hands. Just look at Tammy! But whatever it is, fellas who circulate this kind of pictures should be brought to book!

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