Tuesday, March 06, 2007
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Lilian of Mom's Daily was so kind to put my name top of her list of parents to share this meme. I quite like this meme because it is quite close to what people have sometimes asked about my kids. Questions like "Is your daughter (the elder one who is now 3 1/2 years old) in nursery?", "Are you planning for a boy (since I have 2 girls)?" etc. So, I will share here what I wish for my kids.

1. I wish they will know God personally and have a close walk with Him. After all, we are all God's creation and it is our lifetime goal to know our Creator and to find out what He wants out of this life He has given to us. I know that if my kids know God, they will find the greatest joy ever...much much more than what I can give them.

2. I wish that they will be God-fearing and will live a life as a witness and disciple of Jesus Christ.

3. I wish that they will be able to discover their gifts and talents and use them to bless others. It would be a real waste indeed if these gifts and talents are not used. God gives everyone gifts and talents for a purpose i.e. to bless others, not for selfish gains.

4. I wish that they will have compassion for others.

5. I wish that they will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

As you can see, all my wishes above are guided by my walk with Jesus Christ and what little knowledge I have about His nature and qualities. I believe that these are the qualities that matter and which will make a lasting impact on others. It is more important to bless others than to think of self because when others are blessed by us, we will experience joy and peace which surpasses all understanding. As a Christian parent, kids are a gift from God and being stewards of God's gift, it is our responsibility to guide them in God's ways. God's ways will never be wrong indeed.

Hence, I (and my wife) do not worry about whether our girls will be playing catch-up by not attending nursery at their age though others have started and looks impressive with their command of knowledge and ABCs. Rather, we have decided that Sunday School is more important at this stage. For them to learn to be godly in their ways. To learn manners. To learn to love others just as how God loves us. To learn to share their belongings (eg. toys) with others. We believe that when we put God first in our lives, God will continue to guide and lead us (as well as our kids) and will never renegade on His promise to look after us and provide for our needs. Kindergarten can wait till they are 5 years old.

I am supposed to tag other parents. Who ah? At the moment I can only think of Ryeurn. Over to you daddy!



At 4:20 pm, Anonymous Bengbeng

hahahah i will have to delete yr name from my meme list same one received from Lilian..oh dear where to get people hahahahaa ryeurn also on my list..i not yet finished though the pics for the post :)


At 11:46 am, Blogger Bernard

Thanks you for sharing this. It's tells us the priorities that you have for the children. :-)