Friday, March 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:21 pm

I always have a pair of sandals with me, even when I was studying in England! It's such an easy footwear to wear and practically keeps my feet dry all the time. I just could not get used to the routine of wearing socks and shoes indoors when I was in England. On the other hand, my British housemates wore a surprised look when they saw me wearing sandals at home in autumn (when semester was starting) through winter and spring. I even offered to buy them a pair before I left England for home during the summer holidays!

Nowadays, sandals are becoming fashionable and I must say, reef sandals look good. Sandals nowadays are no more conservative looking like yesteryears. I can do without a pair of shoes but I sure need a pair of sandals anytime! Especially in hot and humid Malaysia!

Sponsored post and yes, give me sandals anytime!