Friday, March 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:42 pm

All my life, if I remembered correctly, I have only bought flowers 3 times...even that also I cannot be sure. But I remembered there was one year when I bought a bunch of flowers and did a flower arrangement for my then girlfriend (now my wife). She received a bouquet from a guy and I thought I need to outdo him by doing my own flower arrangement. It was an amateurish attempt at ikebana but it sure melted her heart (that's what she said anyway). To do that, I had to cycle about 2 kilometres to the nearest florist to get the flowers.

Nowadays, with the convenience of internet purchasing, buying a bouquet of flowers can be done with a click of a mouse just like what can be done at Los Angeles flower delivery. Such is the convenience of modern times. It sure is great when one needs to have flowers or gifts sent to loved ones far away and these online florist shops will see to it that your orders are carried out to bring cheer to your loved ones.

Sponsored post and erm...I have not bought flowers for a long long time already :P



At 5:19 pm, Anonymous shooi

Wahh...the things you'll do to win your gf (wife)'s heart. i once received a 2 dozen roses bouquet from another guy. When i showed it to my bf (now hubb), he just say "cheh - waste $$" :(


At 5:41 pm, Blogger pablopabla

If I remembered correctly, that was also the last time I gave her flowers 'cos heart melt liao. LOL! And yes, she (and my mother-in-law at that time) also said it's kind of waste of money. LOL!