Monday, August 20, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:03 pm

Time flies indeed and I will be 33 tomorrow. I remembered when I was in school (or was it college?) and my teacher asked the class to write something about what we would like to achieve when we were old (I can't remember the exact age, probably 50 years old I think). I remembered I wrote something about being married with kids, having a house of my own, a car for my own as well as for my wife and with a successful career to boot.

It looks like I'm almost there, don't you think so? I am married, I have 2 kids, I own an apartment with my wife (well, actually the bank owns it) and we have cars to move about. I am also working full time and in reasonably good health. What more could I ask for? Nothing actually. God has been so good and faithful to me all these while - through my ups and downs. I've had my share of downs but those were events which were allowed to happen in order to shape me to who I am today and to continue to shape me for the future.

As I look through my life, I have indeed been blessed - much more than I could ever imagine. When God says that He will indeed bless you, He does not renegade on His promise. It's just that sometimes we are too blind to see it happening. And we do get blind when envy and greed clouds our eyes. It is all too easy to blame God for not blessing us when we see our neighbours (in a general sense) having supposedly more material wealth, better physical health, more distinguished careers, greater looks, exciting talents and the like. However, we fail to realise that each of us are created individually by God with different talents and giftings and course in life to serve His purposes.

I am glad that as I turn 33 tomorrow, I've found life's purposes in God and living a life of freedom and abundance in Him. I hope you have too ;)



At 4:18 pm, Blogger

Happy Birthday in advance! May the Lord continues to shower you with lots of blessings and good health and happiness.


At 5:14 pm, Anonymous Adino

Hope you have a great birthday. Wishing you continued good health, peace and joy in your life.


At 7:42 pm, Blogger Wuching

happy 33rd birthday!


At 1:40 pm, Blogger mumsgather

Happy Birthday! Eh, you didn't write on that piece of assignment that you wanted to be a loyer meh?


At 3:48 pm, Anonymous Giddy Tiger

Happy Birthday Pablo! Indeed you have achieved much. God has certainly made us all rich, in every sense :)


At 6:01 pm, Blogger huZmid

happy birthday pablopabla :)


At 8:41 pm, Blogger Andy TCH

Happy Birthday!


At 1:26 pm, Blogger Anak Merdeka

Hi! Happy Birthday to you - may you be blessed with a happy & fulfilling year. :-)


At 2:07 pm, Blogger pablopabla

Well, what can I say? Thanks to all of you for your well wishes! I mean it!