Thursday, August 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:03 pm

I graduated in June 1996. Just 2 weeks prior to my graduation ceremony, my wife (she was my girlfriend then) flew over from Kuching to London to join me for a trip of London and Paris. So, early preparation was required.

I popped over to the Students' Union to try to get as much information as possible for cheap hotels in London. You can understand why because I was on a tight budget and I had to make sure I don't spend too much on accommodation in London which can be notoriously expensive. I ended up booking with Lord Jim Hotel in Earls Court, London. At that time, I think the rate was 40 pounds but my recent check showed that it has ballooned to 95 pounds! Of course, there are last minute deals but frankly, after my stay there, I wasn't too keen to go back. I won't mind if they have refurbished the place though because when I stayed there, it was rather run down. And of course, it was Euro 96 as well, which caused prices of accommodation to go up.

Some of my friends have asked whether I intend to go back to the UK for a holiday or to visit my alma mater in Leicester. That will probably have to wait as the exchange rate does not favour a holiday there. But if I do, I might want to make a trip over to Manchester which I did not when I was studying there. A visit to Old Trafford would be in order, subject to finding a cheap hotel in Manchester, of course! I am such a scrooge!

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