Wednesday, August 23, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 4:36 pm

Today I went to Court again.

I have a matter which is fixed for decision. Parties have already filed their written submissions moons ago. Everybody is awaiting the outcome.

So, off I go. Travelling along the road, battling the early morning jam, paying the toll like most other Klang Valley motorists would do in order to reach Court before 9.00am. Courts start their sessions at 9.00am...or at least, some of them.

The first thing you do when you arrive at the Court is to go to see the Notice Board. Check which number you are on. That will give you a rough indication of how long you shall have to wait for your case to be called up.

I can't see no list today. Why? Because the Judge has gone on a Judges' Conference! &**(^%^%#$%#!!!!!!

All I get is a notice pasted (apparently dated 01.08.2006) mentioning that cases fixed between 20th till 23rd August, 2006 will be postponed and lawyers are to see the Court interpreter for a date to be fixed.

If they had put up the Notice on 01.08.2006, why can't they inform the lawyers about it? Even if they have done so, why do they need lawyers to make their way to Court just to see the Court Interpreter, record the lawyer's name on the Court file and proceed to give the lawyer the next date to appear? They could have just faxed the new date to the lawyers and saved the lawyers and the public time and money. My wife still cannot understand why the Courts work this way. I have come to slowly accept that this is how our legal system works.

Oh by the way, my case is now fixed for decision in January 2007. My client waits...



At 6:16 pm, Blogger Wuching

i object to all this waiting games!


At 12:09 am, Blogger huZmi dahLan

Can't the court get the the notice posted via internet !!


At 12:05 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

wuching : Try telling that to the one sitting up the Bench.

huzmi : It's never up to date...even if it is up on the internet. Not all courts do that.