Tuesday, January 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:54 am

Goji Berries are commonly used in east Asian cooking particularly amongst the Chinese. It can be added in soups, steamed with fish or meat or even added in stir-fries. It is reputedly packed with vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and high in anti-oxidants and is believed to have restorative effect on health. Mum used to say that eating goji berries regularly is good for eyesight.

There are many grades of goji berries which are usually sold in dried form just like dried raisins and I usually get those which are plump and semi-dark orange in colour. It's shape is not unlike the dried raisins. The good quality goji berries are sweetish in taste and it is no wonder that when mixed in herbal soups, it lends a sweet taste to the otherwise usual bitter taste. I always keep an amount of goji berries in the fridge and they come in handy when I want to just add a little natural sweetener to my food when I am cooking. It can be eaten just like dried raisins though I would say that it may not be as juicy as most of those sold are quite dehydrated due to the packing process.

Recently, manufacturers have produced Goji Berry Juice and Goji Berries.Us is one of them. They use Tibetan goji berries which apparently were grown organically without use of chemicals and contaminant-free. I suppose this would give consumers are more direct and easier way of consuming this Goji Berry. I have not tried it out though. Check out their site and their claims.

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