Monday, January 08, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:10 pm

Apart from giving posties the opportunities to get paid for posting articles or views on their sponsor's stuffs, PayPerPost now gives out goods to posties they like! And the favourite sponsor of the moment is HP. HP has been so generous to donate 10 new 6-megapixel digital cameras and photo printers to PPP and PPP is on the lookout for lucky posties to win them!

I could definitely do with a brand new 6-megapixel digital camera from HP with a photo printer to boot! This is especially so because my current digital camera has only 4-megapixels and I haven't been frequenting the photo shops that often as I am a bit sceptical about the quality of prints they churn out.

With a new 6-megapixel HP digital camera, I can shoot better quality pictures which will be great for my food blog as well as my photo blog. I can also take some pictures of hotels which I fancy and paste 'em up my hotel promotions' blog in support of Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Then, I can donate this current digital camera of mine to my sister, who does not have a camera at the moment. So, if PPP decides that I am THE LUCKY postie, they would not just make one person happy but two!

Next, with the photo printer, I can start printing out my favourite shots after tweaking them to my heart's content. I have got so many of my daughters' photographs stored in my pc that I wonder why I am taking so many of them without actually printing them. I also heard that the HP photo printers are really good! After all, they have been known to be leaders in printers. Incidentally, I am using a HP laser printer.

So, Ted...please, please, do a good cause, will ya? Send the digital camera over!

This post was brought to you by HP and my needs are real!