Friday, January 05, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 12:49 pm

Wow! I can't believe my eyes when I read that it may be possible to fly to London for RM9.99 (plus taxes and surcharges). How is it possible? I mean, I am sure fuel alone will be more than RM9.99 per person to get so many kilometres away to London. Could Dato' Tony Fernandes be performing some kinda magic carpet ride for passengers of the new AirAsia X???

With this kind of ridiculously low fare, most Malaysian students can bid adieu to flying with full-serviced airlines like Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines to London or even other destinations to study overseas as I am sure their parents will gleefully send their kids off for cheap. This kind of fare is a fraction off what Aeroflot was charging during my university days (a friend of mine had to travel more than 22 hours to get from KL to London with Aeroflot and its stop-overs). It was no secret then that Aeroflot was probably the cheapest airline to fly KL / London at that time.

And hmmm.....people can start rubbing their hands in anticipation of travelling on holidays far cheap cheap! Now, perhaps my wife and I can really plan our Paris revisit in a shorter time rather than having to wait for retirement age. I am sure I am not the only excited person here.

Wow!!! I just can't wait for the timetables and routes to be publicised. But I just shudder to imagine what the management of the traditional airlines are thinking right now...I am sure they are going to lose LOTS of passengers. Though these routes granted to AirAsia X must not be the same as those given to say, Malaysia Airlines, I am sure most passengers would not mind flying to say...Stansted Airport rather than Heathrow Airport to get substantial savings on travelling costs. I know I won't.

I better buy AirAsia shares now. Now...where's my remisier's phone number...

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At 1:15 pm, Anonymous oliviasy

excluding tax, kawan. not including ;) the fare is cheap for sure, but i'm beginning to wonder if there would be lotsa stops as well... transits and such...


At 1:34 am, Anonymous rainyuki

Woah! That's cheap, u sure they ain't kidding? Been long since I could load up your page, nice layout too!


At 1:55 am, Blogger doc

don't think JPA, GLCs & other scholarship-awarders are not already block-booking tickets for their students.