Friday, January 05, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:38 am

Will I be selling my blog away? You may be wondering what I am talking about since this blog is being hosted by blogger, there is no way I can be selling something which came free to me in the first place. Rather, what I am referring to is my principle behind this blog.

Whilst I have signed up for PayPerPost and Blogsvertise which are a great way for one to earn a side income through blogging, I would not blog for things which I do not agree or do not feel comfortable about. For instance, to blog about betting sites (and consciously putting 3 links to it) or to talk good things about health products (unless I have tried them myself). I would also not be blogging about dating sites to earn side income as I am still old-fashioned and feel that dating ought to be done face to face ;)

I would also have to turn away opportunities which clash with my beliefs as a Christian as I do not want to sell out my beliefs for a couple of US Dollars. Afterall, this blog is not per se a money making exercise for me.

So the short answer to my question above would be a resounding "No!" But in case you have noticed anywhere that I may have "sold off", do let me know. I ain't perfect, ya know?



At 11:51 am, Blogger DewKnight

That's the greatest thing about PayPerPost, you pick the Opps! You decide what you want to write about. I also don't write about the gambling, or herbal weight loss websites. I choose what I believe in or know.