Wednesday, January 10, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 1:03 pm

Ever pose this question to yourself or your meal buddies? It seems that this question is a daily affair for me. Sometimes, I would just walk down the office and with no real direction of where or what I want to eat. I guess having been working at this place for 6 years now with more or less the same food stalls can be a bit boring when it comes to "choices" of food to eat.

Not that there is nothing to eat at all. My office area is well-known for curries but there is a serious lack of chinese food. There is a good "chap fan" / mixed rice stall nearby but the food pricing is KLCC standard. A plate of rice with one choice of meat and two vegetables can set you back by RM6.00 or more. That's almost Kandar-like! Add a drink and you are looking at Value Meals' pricing. The other chinese stalls are at least 15 mins walk away and you wouldn't feel like walking in mid-day with a tie around your neck just to have a bowl of beef noodles. And walking back.

Drive out? Hah! That will mean an extended lunch and unpredictable traffic. I can go to Segambut for Tom Yam Noodles or Fried Chicken Rice ... but the hassle of negotiating traffic, finding a parking place and getting back to office in good time sometimes puts me off. Shall I take a train then? Perhaps...but where?

I guess we are blessed with so much variety of food in Malaysia that sometimes we get numb making a decision on what to eat. Do you feel the same?



At 2:28 pm, Blogger RyeUrn

My sentiments exactly. I asked myself the same question an hour ago. Settled on BK. How pathetic can you get right:)

Office along Jalan Semantan. The only lunch option is to drive out. Sigh...


At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Anak Merdeka

I have a different dilemma come lunchtime - SHOULD I eat?? :-)