Tuesday, January 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 12:30 pm

Taking cue from the news that an "Apprentice" reject has sued Donald Trump for age discrimination, I wonder if any PPP postie is going to sue PPP for discrimination in light of their impending or actual policy of allowing advertisers to segmentalise or discriminate the posties based on the latter's preference. All these suits based on claims of discrimination are not a rarity in the United States and I would not be surprised if some disgruntled PPP postie decide to take PPP or the advertisers to task if they are not allowed to post because they do not fit into certain criteria.

According to the PPP blog here and here, PPP will allow advertisers to choose what kind or type of posties to post. Advertisers might choose not to allow bloggers from my.space or even blogger (gasp!) to post as they might deem these bloggers as not good enough for their target audience. Likewise, some Advertisers might choose only bloggers from Asia (hurray!) or the United States (boohoo!) to post.

I think with that form of choosing granted to the Advertisers, the number of ops has decreased lately. Perhaps, Advertisers have choosen to disallow those from blogger or Asia to take up the ops and so, when I logged in, these ops are not shown on the ops screen.

Till then, your guess is as good as mine whether there will be a day when a postie decide to file a lawsuit.



At 2:13 pm, Blogger RyeUrn

fingers crossed it isn't as bad as it seems. but then the opps are definitely drying up like you said.


At 2:35 pm, Anonymous 5xmom

KNN betul. I took one op and within the 30 mins, it said opp taken. Dunno what's wrong. Then, I took another and there is nothing that says I cannot take. But when I submit, I get 'your domain is not allowed' and we are talking of my own domain. Geram betul


At 2:39 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

ryeurn : Very the difficult to grab ops now.

5xmom : I think they got a tracker which revealed that you earn too much money liao. So, every post u want to make is blocked :P


At 5:18 pm, Blogger mumsgather

Yah, I'm getting more ops from LL now instead.