Tuesday, March 13, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 12:58 pm

I just came back from Court about an hour ago and I was perspiring like never before. Court is a short walk away from my office but even though it is a short walk, the blazing noonday sun will ensure that your sweat glands and pores work overtime. Apart from that, my eyes were squinting from the bright sunshine. It is times like these when you wish that you had a pair of Sun glasses with you.

Which reminds me, should I check on my sunglasses since that pair of mine was made about 6 years ago. Being prescriptive sunglasses, I might need to check whether the prescribed "degree" in my current pair of sunglasses are still appropriate for my eyesight condition at the moment. I have heard some where that I am supposed to have an eye check up annually but I have not done so. In fact, the last time I had my eyes examined was about 3 years back! I guess it is the fear that the optician will make recommendations that I will need to change my sun glasses or even glasses and as a result, I will have to spend a couple of hundred bucks. Do you have that kind of similar fear of visiting opticians?

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