Tuesday, March 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:58 pm

Recently, Paris Beaverbanks put up a post in her blog to sell their family piano. Quite an old piano apparently but serviceable. Just like the piano we have at home, pianos need to be serviced regularly to maintain its tune. Buying a piano, however, is no easy task. Same goes for keyboards. It is not like buying vegetables or fish from the market. Many people rely on word of mouth on the better piano or keyboard to purchase or go to sites which reviews such equipments. That would be a more informed choice.

Incidentally and talking about keyboards, I just learnt that keyboards have more or less taken over popularity from organs. Nowadays, more people play keyboards than organs and that's why in my church, we have difficulty finding people to play our pipe organ. With keyboards like Yamaha Keyboards which are so popular in the market (and much more portable), it is no wonder at all that keyboards are now the instrument of choice.

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