Wednesday, April 11, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:28 am

What a night to remember! It was a night to remember for both Manchester United and Roma fans. Delirious joy for Manchester United fans and despair and embarassment for Roma fans. On a night when Manchester United inflicting probably one of the most humbling trashing ever seen on Champions League (and perhaps the European Cup as well), one player's name kept ringing in my head.

Francesco Totti. Widely touted as the best Italian player at the moment in Serie A was quoted to have said during an interview with Sky Sports "Ferguson, you will learn who Totti is". "He will see personally. I hope to make him remember my name." That was an interview before the 1st leg of the quarterfinals slightly over a week ago. And well...there were bragging rights. Mr. Totti did not score but he inspired Roma to a 2-1 defeat of the Red Devils wherein the Red Devils were playing with 10 men for most of the match. The Romans smell blood and came to Old Trafford feeling confident of shutting out the Red Devils, what more with the latter's injury crisis and suspension of their influential playmaker, Paul Scholes.

I was feeling doubtful myself. Perhaps, Mr. Totti will really make Sir Alex Ferguson remember his name. Could United really pull it off?

I only woke up at 4pm. Feeling rather groggy and struggling to peel open my eyes, I fumbled for the switch to the television. Turned on the table lamp and pressed 8TV on the remote. 5-0. What? Was it 5 to Roma? No. It was 5-0 to United! I rubbed my eyes and strained to look at the score again. Woohoo! I couldn't believe it. It's true. And within minutes, Carrick scored his second to make it 6-0. It didn't end that way. The final score was 7-1. United 7 Roma 1.

Frankly, I think the Roma players were hoping that time would just zoom by and save them the despair of having to defend wave after wave of attack by the United players even when they were 5 nil down. And Mr. Totti was rather lost. It was a lost cause. I am sure he will remember this match for a very very long time.

Glory Glory Man United!!!