Tuesday, April 10, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 5:04 pm

The folks at PayPerPost are going CRAZY again! You can never predict the kind of silly give aways they are coming up with. Currently, the thousands of PayPerPost posties are checking their dashboard every minute or so looking for that elusive USD500 opp to pay. And before the craziness has gone down, they are coming up with another idea which is to set the longest blog comment chain attempt in the world!! It sure will be something fun.

According to the fellas at PayPerPost, the most comments they have seen in a post is in the region of 350! Wah lau eh! I don't even get 20 comments on a single post. And now the folks are gunning for not 500, not 750 but 2000 comments!!!! I did not add too many zeros. You read it correctly. It's 2000 comments in a single post. Of course, the comment must not be a one or two worded comment like "Oh yeah!" but it must be "unique human generated comments of 25 words or more each generated within 1 week of the original post".

Now, what does this mean to you and me? For PayPerPost, it will absolutely take the blogosphere by storm, if they had not already done so. The kind of additional publicity they generate will probably result in their server crashing due to massive response. Companies will take notice and hopefully, join the advertisers' bandwagon seeing the popularity and reach of bloggers and their blogs. And for us posties, heh heh heh, it's more opportunities coming our way.

So, excuse me, I'm off to enter my comments to make it work! Are you?