Friday, April 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 9:26 am

For Malaysians, especially those with PayPal accounts and especially for those who blog for money and seeing their funds accumulate, it can be distressing to know that PayPal funds cannot be withdrawn directly into Malaysian bank accounts. So far, there are some ways recommended such as using the VMI card method. However, there are costs and fees involved. Since I don't earn triple or four digit income from PayPal every month, I had to find a way to withdraw without incurring costs or fees. And I did.

I asked my sister to do it. My sister resides in Singapore and PayPal funds can be withdrawn using Singapore bank accounts. So, I set up a PayPal account for her, transferred my PayPal funds to her PayPal account and then, had the money withdrawn through her bank account. No fees or commission incurred! Woohoo!!!

So, if you have any relatives staying or studying in Singapore, use this method (if you don't mind them knowing how much you have in your PayPal account) and get your hard earned cash minus the transaction fees.