Friday, March 23, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:49 am

Having set up my Blogsreview.Net since Monday the 19th March, 2007, I've had a few requests for their blogs to be reviewed. I've found that it's fun reviewing other people's blog because in a way, I can also learn about their blogs. The other part I find fulfiling is the fact that I am able to give them something which they may appreciate i.e. deep linking to their blog (which may enhance blog ranking) and traffic.

Hopefully, as this Blogsreview.Net gets more popular, it will also increase in its blog ranking and create a win-win situation for both Blogsreview.Net and the blogs I review.

So, do you want a review? I am supposed to do a blog abuse on AhPek.Com shortly. Stay tuned for the abuse of the day coming right up! (after I finish my legal opinion).