Thursday, March 22, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:42 am

It's official. According to my latest stats, my Hochiak! food blog which is less than 3 months old (15th January till todate) has now overtaken this blog (which is more than a year old) in terms of traffic. In less than 3 months, Hochiak! has garnered 20,440 pages loads from 10,818 unique visitors. That is really encouraging for me and will definitely keep me on my toes to make sure I keep churning out good food to share with one another.

How is it possible to get so much traffic and page loads? Well, if you have been following the history of Hochiak!, it was first hosted through the free hosting platform - Blogger beginning July 2006. By then, I had written quite a few recipes and I copied them into the new home which used the Wordpress platform. So, I guess visitors to the new site had more to see.

I would also give credit to Lilian for helping me to publicise my blog as well as all my blogging friends who put up a word or two as well as linking to my site. That did wonders.

As for this blog, it still has value to me because this is my very first blog. So, I will still continue to nurture it :)



At 8:13 pm, Blogger

It is your clever choice of a domain name. Like my Christian journey, it also get pretty good traffic whilst my tarak organic traffic due to its lauyah's name.


At 11:48 am, Blogger pablopabla

Yakah? You cannot imagine the amount of headache I went through thinking of that domain name! But in terms of blog site, you lagi champion lah! I am still learning from you.