Wednesday, March 14, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:16 pm

I was excited when I saw, a new site where advertisers + bloggers = money + happy. Why I was excited? Not just because it looks like another get paid for posting kinda programme, but it is homegrown! Buatan Malaysia wei! No joke!

So, I signed up. I want to support something homegrown. As what they say, below:-

Need to make more money with your blog? Tired of international blog advertising programs that display advertisements irrelevant to your blog readers? Tired of making little money from international online advertising programs, because there aren’t enough advertisers for your region?

Advertlets provides targeted advertising through the means of real time demographics profiling for your blog - meaning, you get local advertisers, matched with the target audience for your blog. We wouldn’t show ads on your blog for make-up and high heels if we found you had 80% male visitors, for instance.

Looks good to me. I would be very interested in stuffs more relevant to Malaysia.

However, having signed up, I was asked to update my profile before certain functions could work. Or something like that. That was when I was rather disappointed.

You see, nothing wrong with the upper part of the profiles page. Later, it gets really too private for my comfort. Questions like profession, mobility??, relationship status??, children, race, religion and monthly income are just like what appears in forms issued by the government! Why should these details be required? PayPerPost, which is arguably the leading advertiser / blogger programme does not require it. Neither does Blogsvertise and Loudlaunch.

I hope the admin guys see this feedback of mine. I stopped short of completing the details and I won't fill them unless they are removed. These details should be removed, unless you want people to suspect that you are working for the special branch or the inland revenue board ;)



At 5:30 pm, Blogger Paris

Typical homegrown forms. Is it asterisked as being a compulsory section to fill up? If so, I'm going to pass. You sure they didn't also ask for Father and Mother's name and your BC number and credit card number ah? haha


At 7:53 pm, Blogger Josh Lim

Hi, this is Josh Lim - founder of

I apologize if you feel offended, and understand your concerns regarding privacy. Please know that you are free to fill in ONLY the details you feel comfortable revealing, which is why they are not marked as compulsory.

The reason we ask is only to be able to match you better with advertisers and also, for you to be eligible for free gifts and relevant features.

For example, if you have children, you might be interested in getting free infant formula, or perhaps, advertising parenting related products and services on your blog.

As for race & religion, we have had queries from advertisers from religious/spiritual associations, as well as a wide spread of commercial entities hence, we ask only so not to match you with things that conflict with your faith: Eg, a Muslim would not advertise a restaurant that serves pork or an event sponsored by an alcohol company. Our intent is not to segregate, but to know more about you so we don't offend your sensibilities.

Payperpost, Blogsvertise and Loudlaunch do not require these fields, but it is mainly because their target is mass, and international. We are not trying to replicate their business model - our approach is a lot more localized, and specific.

To be fair, I do not believe we are asking more details than necessary - its hardly like a "form issued by the government", even applying for a job or a loan nowadays requests personal details along this line. And no, we are not working for the special branch or the inland revenue board :)

Sorry if it caused you offense, and we hope that you will have a more positive experience with Advertlets in future. We hope you will continue to support Advertlets, and we'll be making some changes over the next few weeks just so its clearer. On a side note, please keep in mind that we've launched just launched 5 days ago, so do give us some time to respond and improve our system with user feedback.

Do e-mail me personally at if you have any further questions. Thanks!


At 12:00 am, Blogger Samm

Maybe they want to submit our details to the IRS for tax lehh.... sei lohhhh, skali give them, mana boleh cabut. Afturds got ppl start counting the number of paidposts we do for USD and tax us lohhh


At 10:41 am, Blogger pablopabla

Hi Josh!

Thank you for your response. I truly believe that your response ought to have been clearly indicated in the Advertlets site in the first place.

My opinion above was simple, honest and direct on what I read and perceive based on the contents of the site. Some people may be turned off and decide not to sign up but do not offer any form of feedback to you (whether through email or blog) because they just could not be bothered. And really, notwithstanding the request for sensitive (or potentially sensitive information) such as race, religion, income etc, I am sure you are aware that many NGOs in Malaysia are clamouring for these kind of details to be removed from forms (whether government or private), unless of course, you state clearly why you require the information. I hope you will take my feedback in good spirits.

I will still continue to support you and what you do simply because you are a fellow countryman :)


At 10:43 am, Blogger pablopabla


Josh the admin guy has given his reasons :)