Monday, April 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:11 am

My new blog called Blogsreview.Net is now picking up the momentum. I've got a couple of requests for me to review their blogs and I think that should keep me occupied till the end of the week. There is only a limited amount of time I could spare for this hobby of mine considering that work still takes precedence.

It is indeed humbling to know that people will consider giving me a chance to review their blogs. It also takes courage for them to request a review of their blog especially not knowing whether the review will turn out positive or negative. However, what I learn most from this experience is that reviewing another person's blog actually gives me far more benefits in terms of blogging. That is because I am now forced to read some people's blogs which I have never done before and this broadens my view on the many different ways and styles of blogging. Moreover, I have also made some new friends through this experience.

I am going to like this a lot!