Thursday, April 12, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:43 pm

I was reading this report on Brush of luck with baby’s first hair today and was just amused with the whole story about giving a headstart to one's baby by harvesting the baby’s first strands of hair and have it fashioned into a calligraphy brush. Apparently, this tradition dates back to the Tang Dynasty with a catch : only boys were given this gift. Auspicious words were also engraved onto the calligraphy brush.

Parents pay at least RM88 for this custom made brush. The prices go up depending on the material and intricacy of the handle. It was reported that some parents are willing to pay up to RM888 for this brush. If it was just a unique way to preserve the baby's hair, yeah why not? It is definitely something to remember by, especially if you have a couple of hundred ringgit to spend.

But do they really think this calligraphy brush will bring some kind of luck to the child? That the brush will somehow boost up their intellect and cause them to score As in their exams in future? I won't be surprised if some parents think it is possible a brush like this (what with the auspicious words) may very well change the fortune of the child in future. Then again, is the child supposed to use the brush in his studies or future endeavours to obtain the mystical powers from the brush? Or will it just be as influential when it is kept in a nice box away from pesky dusts and pests? I for one will not even think of wanting to use such a brush (if given to me by my parents) as it would be deemed to have "tainted" the beauty of the brush with the ink and all. So, better to keep it in the cabinet. It will just be another expensive item kept in the cabinet...probably admired once a year during spring cleaning. Meanwhile, the brush maker grins from ear to ear as the fad picks up and orders come in.

Who do you think is the lucky one here? ;)



At 6:01 pm, Blogger Paris

embed it into a computer keyboard and you can be assured it will be used. must move with the times ma...hehe... and boys only - cheh!


At 10:24 am, Anonymous Adino

I don't know about bringing good fortune or increasing intellect, but it definitely makes a great souvenir item. Personally I wouldn't want to use a brush made from my own hair either. Just feels gross and yucky.


At 4:23 pm, Blogger pablopabla

paris : I should think that the brush will outlast the keyboard! LOL!

adino : Can hand it down from generations to generations - if the latter generation knows how to appreciate it. Otherwise, they'll just dump it into the bin.


At 9:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering where could we found this baby hair brush in Malaysia.