Tuesday, August 28, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:22 pm

So, the famous Loh Mee is found in Ulu Yam Lama and not Hulu Yam Bahru as I just found out a few hours ago. Taking a drive up north with my bosses, we headed pass the Batu Dam in search for the slurpilicious Loh Mee and the first village we reached was Hulu Yam Bahru. There were a few restaurants there but none looked busy enough to convince us that that was the place. So, we asked a pedestrian and our suspicion was confirmed. Apparently, the real mackoy is further down the road.

When we reached Ulu Yam Lama, an old shophouse restaurant by the name of Swee Yen Restaurant looked busy enough with a couple of tables full of customers. A quick peak revealed that this is indeed THE place as we could smell the stinging vinegar synonymous with the Loh Mee here. We ordered a bowl of that, steamed haruan slices and stir-fried potato shoots with garlic. Absolutely lovely, though I must confess I felt that I know how to cook this version of Loh Mee as it tastes very much like the one which we cook back home.

The thing is, when the food was served, I picked up my digital camera ready to shoot the delicious looking noodles when I realised that the battery had run flat. Bummers! So, sorry folks, no photography feast for you today.

And erm...burp, I'm still digesting my lunch as of now. It was great and costs only RM44.00 for 3 persons inclusive of 3 herbal teas plus the sweetest nangka fruit dessert which came fresh and cold from the chiller fridge. The 50-odd km trip was worth the travel.

Been there yourself?



At 12:15 am, Anonymous giddy tiger

No fair! How could you describe it in such explicit detail and then expect me to imagine what it looks like?!


At 10:37 am, Anonymous Adino

How come you get to go to such wonderful lunches? Your company got opening for office boy or not? I work there la, then follow you for your lunch escapades.


At 4:02 pm, Blogger pablopabla

giddy tiger : Er...I was also saying "Not fair!". I had my camera with me but battery was flat. That was a far worse feeling :P

adino : In order to protect my benefits, I shall say that there are no more vacancies at my office. LOL!