Wednesday, September 05, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:51 pm

Got money? We sure do. Spending RM100 million on the 50th Independance Day celebration is nothing short of extravagance, if you ask me. Most of us ordinary citizens would not even see RM1 million in our lifetime but the Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Dr. Awang Adek deemed that the RM100 million tag worked out to about RM3 or RM4 per person (with a 26 million population) once in 50 years, symbolising the peace, harmony and welfare enjoyed by the people. But really, do we have to spend so much money? The government spent RM38 million for the Merdeka anniversary in 2006 and RM35 million in 2005. That's only 1/3 spending of the current year's spending. Does it mean that our country has suddenly had a 300% increase in peace, harmony and welfare in 2007, which happen to coincide with our 50th anniversary?

I seriously do not think that the level of peace (in terms of crime rate and public perception of safety on the streets or neighbourhoods) have been in a much better position in 2007 than compared to say, 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. From what I learnt from my parents, back then (in the 50s and 60s), you could even leave the house unlocked without fear of being robbed. And yet, people were generally far poorer then. Even Ministers regularly quote that people are better off financially now compared to yesteryears but yet, crime is more real and probable today than before.

Harmony? Hah! Just look at the endless barrage of racial and religious insults being traded across the nation. Perhaps the advent of internet and the like has allowed people to express their views more and with greater force and passion but if you were to ask those who are in the 50s, 60s or 70s, they will tell you that their generation of people get along more harmoniously than the generation today. And that is the simple honest truth. Not what is spun on newspapers by politicians who are out to make themselves heroes in the eyes of their own kind.

As for welfare, just hop into any taxi and have a chat with the taxi driver. Or if you are free, stick around a bus station and chat with the bus drivers. These are people on the road. People with lesser income and people who interact with other people. They would be able to tell you a fair bit on their welfare.

Assuming you are on the cabinet (Ministers, not the wooden type), will you approve the RM100 million expenditure for the 50th National Day celebrations?



At 4:20 pm, Anonymous giddy tiger

That is just way too much money to spend. They should definitely give some away to the lower income group, rather than spending it all on celebrations belaka. Sure, it's our 50th anniversary of independence and all, but it should be the country's spirit that should be celebrated on, not to boast that we have that amount of moolah to splash.

Nevertheless, we can all be happy that we have our family to love. And that is why you have been tagged:


At 4:28 pm, Blogger

Yay! I like this Pablo!


At 5:03 pm, Anonymous Adino

Each time I read about such wonderful ways our government is spending money, I can't help but recall the last petrol price increase.

Their excuse for saving 4 billion in subsidies ended up causing (I might say irreversible) inflation to prices of everything including my teh tarik.

And now we hear of 4 billion scandals, multi billion mega projects and spending 100 million in one day.

On the contrary, our country is poor. Very very poor.


At 3:43 pm, Blogger pablopabla

giddy tiger : Wah piang! Kena tag liao! : Yay! So do I!

adino : No, no. Not spending it in one day but in 1 year's celebratory events. Even so, it's a bit outlandish.