Thursday, August 24, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 2:36 pm

It usually rains after I have my car washed.

It can be really annoying to see your gleaming car be subjected to rainfall shortly after a round of pampering at the favourite car wash. Sometimes, it HAS to rain whilst the guys are drying the car after the wash. And sometimes, you wished the guys finish their job faster as the sky is dark and it is threatening to rain and you wanna get your clean car under the shade. Either way, I don't have a choice as I don't have a car porch to park my car under.

Some say rainfall is as good as giving the car a wash. Not really, especially when the air is hazy like what we now have in Kuala Lumpur. The rainfall will leave nice little dust spots on your car not dissimilar to the snow wash you just had at the car wash centre. Makes me wonder, the amount of dust which clings to your hair if you've just had a few rain drops on you whilst you were dashing for cover from the rain.

These dusts can be acidic and dull your car's paintjob. Sometimes, it can even be permanent. Most of the time, it means you have to get the car washed again. Otherwise, your car will stand out in the traffic just like a dalmation dog (especially if your car is dark coloured).

But then again, isn't it a blessing to have rainfall in the midst of the haze that we are experiencing? It must be.

Thank God for the rainfall. It did not clear the haze altogether but it helped a little. We are still much fortunate compared to places on earth which experience drought all year long. I am longing for clear skies again.

Meanwhile, the car will be due for washing again...perhaps, vacuuming can wait till the next session :)